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 WEREPORT is a network of collaborating organisations and individuals which aims to inform the world of violations of civil and human rights in Spain, particularly in relation to Catalonia. WEREPORT aims to promote volunteer work for civil and human rights all over the world in support of democracy in Catalonia and in Spain. Europe is a continent of contradictions, which seems of late unwilling or unable to stand up for the values of justice and equality which were its foundational cornerstones. In the case of Spain, there has been a kind of journey back in time which has reconnected Spain’s early 21st century political life with the dark days of Fascism in the last century’s (Francoism in Spain). This situation manifests itself in a lack of separation of powers, democratic and political fraud, and the violation of human, civil, and political rights such as: the right to political representation, the right to political participation, the right to freedom of speech and free assembly, even the right to one’s own physical integrity, as well as the collective right of the Catalan people to self-determination, to name but a few. These rights are being trampled on, as exemplified by the cases that we will report on our website, and discuss and publicise through lectures, debates, and events. Our aim is to document 50 such cases of rights’ violations in a one-year period and disseminate these via local events. We consider the wilful blindness of the Spanish State, its parties, and its political lobbies as regards to the issue of self-determination in Catalonia to be the root cause of a missed opportunity for all to have at least set dialogue into motion. The ultra-conservative shift of the Spanish State and the anti-democratic methods of Spain’s “deep state” have plunged collective life into darkness again. Changes of government in Spain have never been able to change the powers at its core. As a result of this, a so-called modern European state is now being asked – regardless of which party is in office – how it can possibly have political prisoners and why elected representatives of the Catalan people and artists from a variety of backgrounds have had no choice but to go into exile. Catalan citizens are all but too used to the daily abuse in some of the mainstream Spanish newspapers and on social media, where death threats made against their politicians go unchecked and unpunished. Threats of violence have even been uttered by Spanish political leaders, in public. Catalans have to cope with anti-Catalan racism, both subtle and blatant, and catalanophobia also taints the institutional and administrative treatment of citizens, including an endless stream of reports of linguistic rights violations. Moreover, Catalan citizens were victims of electoral fraud on 21 December, 2017, when their vote was conditioned by the unlawful pre-trial detention of the representatives they voted for were sent to jail for trying to fulfil their electoral commitments, or forced into exile to find fair treatment in courts in other European countries. Let us also recall the violence that was meted out by the Spanish State against peaceful voters on 1 October, 2017, in its repression of Catalonia’s self-determination referendum. The WEREPORT Network is taking action by letting the world know about this abnormal situation, now part of the daily routine for millions of citizens in 21st century Europe. Racism and civil rights’ violations have no place in a civilized Europe. WEREPORT is a result of civil society’s capacity to organise itself in the face of the violation of civil and human rights and the flouting of democratic values and good practice. Individuals from diverse backgrounds and political viewpoints, as well as associations and collectives of various kinds, form the WEREPORT Project’s Network of collaborating organizations. WEREPORT aims to offer the world objective accounts of some of the events that certain foreign affairs officials and partisan media have either tried to disguise as “fake news” or pass off as simple cases of “impartial” law enforcement exercised “proportionately” and “according to the rule of law”. We, the organisations and individuals of the WEREPORT Network, all share a common endeavour: to respond to multiple requests from around the world for objective information about the ongoing cases of civil and human rights violations in Catalonia and to spread awareness of this democratic crisis at the very heart of Europe. As members of Catalan and Spanish civil society, and as concerned European citizens of various origins, we have set up the WEREPORT Network to which we want to invite political and social agents, the media and all concerned individuals who endorse and support democratic values worldwide to take action and stand up for individual and collective rights in Catalonia and in Spain.

Collaborating organizations of the WEREPORT Network: